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I’ll first say that I love to read (obviously or I wouldn’t be starting this blog). I’ve read many books on many different subjects in many different genres and I’ve found many that I love and many that I can’t stand. This blog serves the purpose to both organize my thoughts and give you, the reader, insight into books you may or may not have read.

My library is constantly being added to and subtracted from, so I’ll describe and review books that I’ve read all of and loved as well as books I read halfway and hated. I’ll review classics and new fiction, non-fiction and instructional books, and I might throw in a movie once in a while. I might even share a picture or article that I find that relates to reading.

Hopefully you’ll find something new and enjoyable to add to your collection. Happy reading!

Name: Kira

About: Seventh-day Adventist, artist, college student (majoring in Mechanical Engineering, concentrating in Product Design, and minoring in Architecture at MIT), Texan

Loves: reading (obviously), baking, art (drawing and painting and design), Apple products (Apple-oholic!!), purple, classical/instrumental music, sweets, rainstorms, poetry

Hates: spiders, dubstep, buffering, sparkling water (seriously? What’s the point of it??), washing dishes, dirtiness

Favorite Book? To Kill a Mockingbird hands down. You can’t get a better classic than that. Not too far behind TKM are The Great Gatsby and Poisonwood Bible. I’ve read each of these books multiple times, and each time it gets better and better.

Other blogs: My Journey With God, Artist’s Block (yes, it’s shameless plugging)

Goodreads profile here.

I also have an Etsy Shop if you would like to support my business, Draw Paint Design, and a fiverr shop if you want a small design service done, starting at $5. If you want to visit my portfolio and see more of my work, visit my other WordPress site Draw. Paint. Design.


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