Royal Wedding by Meg Cabot

royal wedding

Oh. My. Goodness.

This book. Was amazing.

I was quite the follower of the Princess Diaries series. I loved the down-to-earth nature of Mia Thermopolis and the ridiculous antics of her crazy friends. Like many other pre-teen girls, I longed to keep a diary and actually faithfully right in it with meaningful thoughts or observations of my day. Sadly, most of my diaries never really got past the crush-obsession phase. Honestly, I laugh whenever I read my past diaries. Then, after a few months of recording pre-teen angst, I would quit, and my thoughts would stay unsaid and unwritten. Then I would start all over again with a new diary.

Fast forward a few years, and I discovered blogging. True it’s slightly less private, but it’s nice to have a medium where I can write out my thoughts. And since I tend to not express them to readily to others, blogging at least adds a degree of separation from myself and my audience.

But anywho, this book. I know I said in my last post about Meg Cabot that I couldn’t relate to her characters any more because I’m no longer a teenager. I know that I said that all her female characters are the same since they all obsess over some guy to the point of ignoring everything else in background, they all have some element of stupidity or empty-headedness when it comes to certain important issues, and I’ve just now noticed that a lot of them shun math-related subjects for a reason (side note: if you’ve read a Meg Cabot book where the main female character loves math/science related things let me know, because I can’t recall one instance). I know I said all these things against Cabot’s writing, but these complaints have no weight with The Princess Diaries, simply because it’s too nostalgic for me.

It is quite possibly one of the greatest late series finales that I’ve ever read. Almost all of the characters from previous books showed up and I had to dig deep in my memory to recall them. There were just so many wonderful gems that made me either burst out laughing or squealing. I’ll go ahead and let the book speak to its awesomeness by showing a few quotes (SPOILERS OBVIOUSLY…KINDA). I left out a few gems as they weren’t as funny outside of context and I don’t want to spoil too much of the book. I honestly think it was a good wrap up with happy endings all around for the most part (but still slightly unexpected).

(Text conversation between Mia and Grandmere):

Mia (AKA FtLouie): Grandmere, why are all the gossip sites reporting that Michael proposed to me this past weekend? How would they even know about that? And why is Rate the Royals saying we are getting married this summer? Call me back ASAP because I’d really like to clear up this matter

Grandmere (AKA El Diablo): Who is this? Why are there words on my phone?

Some of the kids seem to have seen the report on Inside Edition and have wished me luck “with the babies.” A few of the girls have drawn startlingly tender portraits of “the babies.” I am somewhat disturbed by this.

He pointed out that the girls on the popular television show Pretty Little Liars are children too, which revealed:

  • Lars watches Pretty Little Liars

…I’m certainly not going to ask J.P. to get me a drink, even though he’s asked three times if he can “get me anything.”

Yes, you can, J.P. You can get away from me.

Reader, I married him.


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