The Alex Rider Series by Anthony Horowitz

alex rider

I’m a sucker for large series, especially when all the books have been out for a while, because that just means that I can reread it whenever I want to and wait no longer than a day for the next book. Also, good YA books are hard to find in my opinion; it seems like every YA book/series has a (really bad) dystopian-Hunger-Games-esque setting, a paranormal love triangle, or some cliched romance novel about how a girl’s life changed after that one summer with that one guy. It annoys me that there is very little creativity in most of the YA novels, and it really has me searching for something where starting a summer fling or staging a rebellion isn’t the main purpose. Don’t get me wrong, I love dystopian novels (didn’t I just finish writing about how awesome The Giver Quartet is?) and there’s nothing wrong with peppering a story with some romance, but I just don’t like to read the same thing over and over again.

Enter Alex Rider. This is actually my second time finishing the series and it was this series that got me hooked to the British-schoolboy-turned-spy genre. You’d think that each book starts and ends the exact same way: Alex gets recruited by MI6 to investigate something-or-other, he does it, trouble ensues, bad guy makes threats but loses, good guys win. And you’re mostly right. But between that skeleton are so many plot twists and unexpected endings and exciting action that you’ll keep going back for more. You get to watch Alex grow more than anyone really should in one year and you get to see his character develop.

Now it’s not a perfect series of course. My main dislike is in the last book; I won’t spoil it, but I’ll just say that it will make you very, very, very upset. After having read the series again, I can kind of see why it ended in the way that it did, but it was still unnecessary.


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