The Vigilante Poets of Selwyn Academy by Kate Hattemer


What was with Baconnaise?!!?! Talk about a serious plothole (more on this later)!

I’ve been on a role finishing books in a day. Not sure why. Maybe I just need something more to do. I randomly found this book on Goodreads; I think I was searching for something else related to poetry and this popped up. It looked interesting and it was available through my hometown’s ebook library system, so I decided to give it a try. I was hooked. And I now have a new favorite word/concept: tricolon. I’m not even sure if it’s a real word as couldn’t find it, but I just love the concept. Almost everything memorable comes in threes: of the people, by the people for the people; faith, hope, love; we came, we saw, we conquered. I just find it to be a cool term for something we experience almost everyday.

The story was also pretty memorable. It centers around an arts high school (of which I’m totally jealous about and would have loved to attend) and the new reality TV show being filmed there by the network kTV. Our main characters are Ethan, Elizabeth, Jackson, and Luke, each with their own personalities and talents. Luke is the first to be suspicious about kTV, and he aims to voice his suspicions via long poem reminiscent of Ezra Pound. Several espionage-like events and some sell-out activity later, our main characters have uncovered a rather shady background related to their school.

In all honesty, I was hoping that the shady background story would be a bit…shadier. Based on the given summary, I expected more rebellion, more shadiness. But I guess the plots they uncovered were slightly more realistic, I mean, this isn’t the Hunger Games. This was a very enjoyable read with enough silliness and vocabulary words and interrobangs to keep me interested.

Anyway, about Baconnaise, he was a hamster and probably my favorite character, and for a majority of the book, he had this mysterious lump on his underside that was never fully explained. He was even taken to the vet and nothing was done to examine it. A few times, Ethan says it might be a benign tumor or some strange growth, but I thought he (she?) was pregnant. I fully expected Baconnaise to randomly give birth sometime near the end but SOMETHING ELSE HAPPENED INSTEAD AND I AM SO UPSET AND THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN RESOLVED BETTER GAH.

But seriously, it was good book, a nice light read that doesn’t take too long to finish.


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