Pointe by Brandy Colbert


For some reason, I’ve been stumbling upon books with an African-American protagonist. This is kind of cool as it took me a while to figure out, and most books I’ve read with black protagonists have centered on inner-city topics and slavery (but I do love Sharon Draper). Pointe follows Theodora, or Theo for short, as she comes to terms with the reappearance of her abducted best friend. Along with dealing with this, we see that she’s been manipulated and used for practically her entire post-pubescent life. There are so many deep topics that this book deals with from abduction to rape to self-image to cheating to manipulation, all under Theo’s love for ballet. I was actually somewhat surprised that Colbert was able to fit it all in here with out it seeming too full.

However, I’ll admit that it was a “meh” book to me. But it was not boring. It was quite the page-turner in that I wanted to know how Theo herself would grow as a character. There were many points (no pun intended I promise) throughout the book where I wanted to reach in and shake her by the shoulders shouting, “What on earth are you doing?!? Stop!”, almost to the point where I got annoyed with her. But I loved the ending; Theo definitely grew up a bit and started to take charge of herself.

Would I recommend this book? Meh, it’s not one that I would read again for fun, but if you want a book for a weekend (or couple of hours really), I’d recommend it.


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