A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks

walk to remember


This is just a short post on what I read when I was on the way to Florida for Christmas. I’m not usually one to read romance novels, as I find them overly sappy, emotional, and cliché. I used to read a lot of Nicholas Sparks novels and I find them to be okay for the most part, even though I could guess the ending pretty well from the summary and after a few pages. But A Walk to Remember just threw me off completely.

I was introduced to it via the movie first (VHS if you’re curious), and I expected the ending to be the typical guy gets girl, cue happy ending. Nope. Talk about a plot twist that left me shocked and crying until the end. Even after reading it for the third time, I still have to put the book down and blink back tears towards the end.

The book starts with a middle-aged Landon Carter looking back on his senior year of high school, the year that had a major impact on his life. He becomes close with Jamie Sullivan, the small town’s Baptist minister’s daughter, almost unwillingly. And their personalities seem incompatible; he is the mediocre son of a congressman and grandson of the one of the most hated men in town, and she is the sweet, kind, and cheerful daughter of a minister. His friends mock him, he does things he wouldn’t normally do, but in the end, he matures. Eventually, he falls in love with her, only to find out that she is dying from leukemia. Knowing that he must make the last few weeks of her life memorable, he does a series of loving deeds for her, but the most amazing one is him granting Jamie’s wish to be married and have her father walk her down the aisle; he essentially gives her and the rest of the town a walk to remember.

I won’t spoil it all, but it’s quite beautiful how Sparks writes this story, and it will ever be my favorite book by him.


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