He’s Back!

In honor of the brief return of Bill Watterson which I’ve reblogged in the previous post, I thought I’d wax nostalgic on Calvin and Hobbes (which I will now abbreviate as C&H). Like almost everyone who knows about this wonderful comic strip, I love C&H. It’s one of my favorite comic strips and has been since I was a child. Even though it ended a year after I was born, I still appreciate its timelessness now that I’m in my twenties. I still laugh at Calvin’s antics with Hobbes, his pranks on Rosalyn, and his precocious nature. He is the most intelligent six-year-old I know, and that opinion probably won’t change anytime soon.

It was with C&H that my fascination with reading began. In Texas, I would go to a close friend’s house and sit for hours in the playroom and read through their collection of C&H. Sure I was happy to see my friend and play with him, but sometimes, nothing could tear me away from knowing the new changes in the rules of Calvinball. But C&H doesn’t just offer a good laugh. It’s also a wonderful comic strip for learning. As my mother says, C&H contains “intellectual humor”. For example, it was when I was around eight or nine when learned words like “euphoria” and “ecstatic” (I’m sure I used some of those words in the wrong context).

I was a kid when I read Calvin’s musings on how humans were polluting the environment.

I read about how pointless war can be.

I just love how Bill Watterson was able to talk about serious topics in a comic format and in way that was understandable to both children and adults. And to have created such timeless characters that are still loved by many today? Bill, you sir are a legend.

So I’ll keep re-reading Lazy Sunday and The Revenge of the Baby-sat and the many other collections and treasuries that I own; I’ll laugh and muse at each one, and then go back to wishing Bill could create more. But I’m honestly happy that he got everything out of it that he wanted. He used his creativity, and stopped before the strips became too trite and repetitive. In the meanwhile, I’ll fulfill my want for more Calvin and Hobbes by reading Hobbes and Bacon, a tribute to the strip that (briefly) chronicles the adventures of Calvin and Susie’s daughter, Bacon.



One thought on “He’s Back!

  1. I have sent copies of that “War..is kind of a stupid game” to people in the past, it delivers its message so clearly…and still troops are sent to Afghanistan :/

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