Little Women by Louisa May Alcott



No seriously, the first time I started this book was in middle school, and from then until now, I would start and restart it. But yesterday, I finally finished it. Little Women is a relatively long book and because it’s coming-of-age novel, the storyline can be a bit fragmented between some chapters. But regardless, it’s a wonderful, timeless book. I’m sure every young woman has a bit of each of the March sisters in them, and everyone wants a wise mother figure like “Marmee”.

The book follows the lives of each of the March sisters, through parties, friends, first loves, war, Christmases, and everything in between. We see what they worry about and what they desire. We see how others see them and even admire them. Honestly, there’s no specific summary I can give for Little Women, except that you see their lives play out in front of you. And I must say, I certainly do miss the March sisters already.

I guess I can take the time to say which March sister is most like me or which one is my favorite. But in all honesty, I think we all have a little bit of all four of them in us. I’m artistic and appreciative of the finer things in life like Amy; I’m mature (for the most part) and I look for ways to assert my womanhood like Meg; I’m quiet and diligent like Beth; and just like Jo, I can be rather clumsy. In reading Little Women I saw a little bit myself in each of the March sisters, and I was quite happy about that. Just out of curiosity, do you identify with any of the March sisters in particular? Or are you a mix of all four?


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