I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris



As a Christian young adult in a relationship, I wonder about the best way to approach dating in preparation for marriage. I could ask my parents or other trusted adults (and I do) for advice, but sometimes, there are things you don’t want to ask until you know what you’re talking about or until you’ve thought about it for a while. I could ask my friends (and I do), but not all of them would give me Christ-centered advice. And since it’s my first actual relationship, I don’t want to be stupid.

Thankfully, the guy I’m dating is in the same mindset, and he was the one who introduced this book to me. I’ve just finished reading it (we’re reading it together, but he’s a slower reader than me) and we’ve talked about many of the concepts in I Kissed Dating Goodbye. Like I said, we both talk to other people and get their advice, but we also make sure to get each other’s input on certain topics.

Joshua Harris sure changed how I viewed dating and relationships. He proposes that you get out of the world’s mindset of self-gratifying relationships and tune in to God’s selfless view of love. I must admit, as I was reading there were times I thought, “Joshua, you are crazy” and “I/We could never do that!” and “That doesn’t make any sense”. But as I read through and thought more about it, what he proposes makes a lot of sense, and saves you from being in meaningless, Godless relationships and from experiencing heartbreak (for the most part, I mean it does happen).

So if you want another view on dating and relationships, whether or not you’re a Christian, I’d recommend this book.


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