Girl With a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier


Being an artist, I love reading about art or famous artists through history. I came across this book at the library on the book sale shelf. It seemed interesting so I forked over 50 cents to buy it. And I don’t regret it.

The story centers on Griet, a sixteen year old girl who ends up becoming a servant for the Vermeer household in order to obtain money for her family. She is mesmerized by her master’s artwork and she becomes unusually close to him and his work. Close enough that Vermeer’s wife becomes envious of Griet. You will follow Griet through her relationships, familial and romantic, and you’ll know her feelings about being the inspiration to one of Vermeer’s most famous paintings.

This book made the nameless subject of the painting come alive; you see her thoughts, her life, and her worries through the imagination of Chevalier. It almost makes me wish that this book outlined the true historical life of the girl with a pearl earring. Even if you’re not an art fan, you can still get caught up in the story and in Griet’s and Vermeer’s life.


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