Atmospheric Watercolors by Jean Haines



I am an artist. I mostly do fine arts, drawing and painting, but I also take part in graphic design. It’s something that’s a part of me and it’s usually one of the first things I tell people about myself or use to describe myself. I got this book from the library and loved it to death. Watercolors were never really a favorite medium of mine but going through this book made me love watercolors. It shows how to manipulate them in an aesthetically pleasing way and how they can be used to create some awe-inspiring paintings. She gives you step-by-step instructions about how she paints, but still allows for experimentation and spontaneity. Her artwork is absolutely beautiful. So thank you Jean Haines, you have inspired me to keep painting and practicing with watercolors. Check out her website here.

I’ve bought this book as well as her other watercolor book, Color and Light in Watercolour, and I can’t wait until they come!

And for your viewing pleasure, here are some of the watercolor sketches that I’ve done that were inspired by Haines’ book. If you want to see more artwork please visit my other blog Artist’s Block.

aubretia3 blue flowers2 cherry blossoms4 hibiscus2 Photo Jul 15, 3 06 26 PM yellow flowers5


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