The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald


Here’s to the second best book in the world! After To Kill a Mockingbird of course. I’m not going to speak on the actual book, just the movie. But just for your information, I love The Great Gatsby. It is awesome. That is all.

So, the movie. I will admit, it captured the atmosphere of the book; it’s not like there was a ton of drama or violence or action. It emphasized the roaring 20s in a way that you couldn’t see too well in the book. The parties looked grand, there was even some actual footage from the ’20s (I assume). I liked the music even though it might not have been authentic. Having the music be modern was a good decision since most likely, it held the interest of the viewers. We know who Jay-Z is, we recognize the beats and the words of “Crazy in Love” (yes it was in there. If you missed it watch it again).

But overall, the movie was rather boring. Like I said, there isn’t much action in the book and it’s not like the writers and producers could add action without taking away from the true plot. I feel like I only marginally enjoyed it because I loved the book and could quote the characters before they even said anything. I thought the actors were great, they did their roles well.

But I wouldn’t waste another $9+ to see it again in theaters.



One thought on “The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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